Walk With Me Through a Wedding


We invest in the things we love. When you love someone, you pursue them. When you love your home, you decorate and nest and then invite family and friends over to enjoy it!

I love photography and specifically I love photographing people in love. Last year, I was seeking an experience that would push me. I began exploring opportunities to step up my photography game to better serve the couples I photograph, who so dearly love each other. I want them to remember that first day together as husband and wife and the small moments that swelled into one momentous day. I want those moments to feel as fresh and new 50 years from now as they did on that first, sacred day.

For those reasons, I wanted to invest in education that would impact both the technical and business side of my photography and challenge me to be even better in both arenas. I was introduced to Justin and Mary Marantz through other photographers who look to them as mentors and friends. Their approach to lighting is dramatic and elegant and I was convinced I could learn a ton from them. So I took the leap and signed up for their 2 day “Walk Through a Wedding” workshop. After a 7 hour drive to New Haven, and typically horrendous New York traffic, I arrived at their home and was instantly handed a glass of champagne and given a seat with my name written on it at a gorgeous table where Justin and Mary had a delicious dinner prepared for me and the other attendees. In their words, they wanted to throw us our own reception. They were already spoiling us and there was much more to come.

Over the next 48 hours, they taught us to remember why we love what we do. They poured out their hearts and minds so that we could know every. single. thing. No question was off limits. We all grew in that serene place on the sea in New Haven. Justin and Mary, thank you for everything. I am slowly working my way through our homework (yes there was homework… but the best kind!) and can’t wait to reveal more from this growth journey as I continue to walk through it. For now, I hope you will walk with me through this wedding photography experience and enjoy it through these images as much as I did in person.

2015-04-20_0002.jpg 2015-04-20_0001.jpg
2015-04-20_0010.jpg 2015-04-20_0011.jpg 2015-04-20_0012.jpg

2015-04-20_0014.jpg 2015-04-20_0015.jpg

Camera on the rocks and our fearless leaders doing their thing!


Thank you to all the people who made this experience possible!


Katharine, Evan and Kerri Lynne


Carrie Wilcox Floral Design


Stacie Shea Events

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  1. Man, that looks like a job! I sure wouldn’t want to do that sarveel times a day Love your new site by the way, and it’s great to be able to leave a comment.

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