• Wedding
  • Tristin and Pat in West Chester


    When Tristin reached out to me about doing the photography for her wedding, I could tell from our conversation that she was driven and passionate. Then she told me she is a sports reporter, currently covering our very own Philadelphia Eagles, and I thought, “this is my kind of bride!” Her groom, Pat, has also […]

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  • Sara and Brendon in Ravenna, Italy

    View More: http://kealycreative.pass.us/brendonsara15

    When you read my Meet Carolyn page, you’ll see that spending quality time to make real, deep, and meaningful connections is one of the main reasons why I do wedding photography. Often, and perhaps not by accident, the couples I work with live out this idea in their daily lives. My dear friend of many, many […]

  • Wedding
  • The Bridal Portrait


    I could tell you the story behind each of these photos. I could tell you about the couple. Who they are. What they love. How they met and even where they are now. I could try to explain to you some quirky nuances that have bound them so close that no one else will understand […]

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  • Project Ten- April


    Well, here we are, 1/4 of the way through 2017. Can you believe it? Already? Thankfully, this past month has been filled with flowers, quality time with friends and family, and most recently, late afternoon walks in the warm sun. This week, we are closing on our first house. It has been a bumpy ride […]