Sara and Brendon in Ravenna, Italy

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When you read my Meet Carolyn page, you’ll see that spending quality time to make real, deep, and meaningful connections is one of the main reasons why I do wedding photography. Often, and perhaps not by accident, the couples I work with live out this idea in their daily lives. My dear friend of many, many years, Brendon and his wife, Sara completely embody this mentality. Brendon and his stunning bride thrive on genuine connection, empowerment, and compassion. In their hometowns they forge deep and lasting friendships, and across the globe they immerse themselves in their communities. Together, they’ve travelled the world living in Egypt, Italy, the US, and England, just to name a few. They run a non-profit called Baladini that empowers rural Egyptian women by helping them become artisan food producers. They are fearless and boundless in their pursuit of meaningful relationships and sustainable life-change for those in need. But, regardless of how busy life is, whenever Brendon is in town, he’s intentional about spending time with friends and family, no matter how short the visit. Needless to say, I felt truly honored when they asked me to travel to Ravenna, Italy to photograph their wedding.

Sara and Brendon’s wedding celebration took place in Sara’s hometown, Ravenna. Like most of their lives, they broke with tradition and created their own unique ceremony with endless personal touches. As guests were being seated for the ceremony, Brendon and Sara entered the garden courtyard and made their way across a stone path in the middle of a charming, old castle. One by one their closest friends and family paid tribute to them with readings, songs, and poems. Once the ceremony concluded and plenty of hugs were shared, the entire party walked through the streets of town to the courthouse where the mayor and all the wedding guests gathered for the signing of the marriage certificate. On the courthouse balcony, they looked out into the town square where the people below cheered for the newlyweds. It was truly a fairytale moment.

Their reception was held in the greenhouse of a local vineyard a few miles away. They had the largest spread of food that I have ever seen. I loved that most of the menu was prepared by Sara’s family. The Italians and Americans bonded over singing competitions and danced together late into the night. I can’t imagine a more perfect day for these two.

Thank you, Brendon and Sara, for allowing me to be a part of your lives and your marriage to one another. It was such a perfect expression of the love that you share for each other and those around you.


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