Elizabeth and Tim at Garrett Park Town Hall


I became friends with Elizabeth and Tim through my husband, Luke, who works with Elizabeth. This wedding was particularly exciting for Luke and me because it was the first wedding we worked together, Luke as the DJ and me, the photographer! Not to mention, we were a part of a wedding for two people who are very special to us.

From the moment I started talking with Elizabeth about her wedding I knew I was going to love everything about this day. The venue they chose, Garrett Park Town Hall, invoked all the feelings of a small town ceremony, like something straight out of Gilmore Girls. Elizabeth also has an artist’s eye for details and her classic beauty was evident throughout every piece of the day. What I did not know, nor would I have been able to anticipate, was that Tim and Elizabeth have an incredible family. For me, this absolutely made the day! Seeing and capturing the intense adoration and love and the Elizabeth and Tim have for their parents and knowing what an example that will be to them in their marriage was a gift. You can see those traits of laughter, cooperation, and encouragement already blossoming in Elizabeth and Tim’s relationship and know that they have many happy years in store. I’m so excited to share with you these few favorites from Elizabeth and Tim’s wedding! I hope you smile as long and hard looking through them as I still do.

2016-02-08_0002.jpgSay “Hello” to Alan, their best pup! I can’t get over the bowtie…
2016-02-08_0017.jpgThey had their wedding catered by the amazing BBQ Bus DC!
2016-02-08_0013.jpgOf course, I had to sneak in a few of Luke hard at work DJing the reception and a photobooth shot of us working as a husband and wife duo for the first time! We may or may not have had a good time that night. I’ll let you decide!

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