Alexis and Eric at Oxon Hill Manor


Oh gosh, this one is a tear jerker for me. Where to begin. Sometimes, you meet a person and you have no idea the depth of their kindness, loyalty, and true passion for life. I, fortunately, stumbled into exactly this type of person when I met Alexis 5 years ago during a brief period when we were both working for her father’s company. We hit it off because of her extremely sharp wit and fantastic sense of humor. And I was lucky enough to be around when this strapping young lawyer, Eric, waltzed into her life and swept her off her feet. I should also mention that soon she would become a strapping young lawyer herself ;) They were a perfect pair. Our friendship with Alexis and Eric grew over the years. We spent many a fourth of July together watching fireworks on the national mall in DC and I was unbelievably honored when they asked me to shoot their engagement and wedding photos. So… I have a very special story to share about these two and Alexis is probably going to kill me for drawing attention to it, but I am going to share it anyway because it illustrates the generosity that is at the core of Alexis and Eric’s relationship.

This spring, after the birth of our daughter Kealy, Luke and I were planning to move to Pennsylvania, but both of our job situations were in flux and we had to be out of our apartment by the end of April. With none of the important details figured out, we were very very stressed and growing increasingly more anxious as our move-out date crept steadily closer. After a lunch out with Alexis where I unloaded a lot of this anxiety on her, I received an email from her and Eric. “Come live with us for as long as you need” it said. “It will be fun and we have the perfect space for you, Luke, Kealy and Linus too!” Are you serious? Who does that? Who offers up their brand new gorgeous home to a couple with a NEWBORN and a DOG?? Who puts themselves in a position where they might share in the late night crying episodes and mounds of dog hair tumbleweeds? Alexis and Eric. That’s who. I was seriously blown away that they would offer to share their home with us in this time of uncertainty. They clearly got together as a couple and had a discussion about how they could tangibly help us, their friends. They came up with the most loving and unbelievably kind idea and I will never forget it. A few months later and Luke and I have moved to Pennsylvania and all of the details have been figured out. We have a great place to live, awesome jobs that we love and are so grateful for, but most of all, we have amazing people like Alexis and Eric and our families and dear friends that we thank God for daily.

I hope you get a glimpse of the joy I feel when I think about this special couple. I really hope I captured even just an ounce of it because their love runs so deep and overflows for others. Isn’t that how it should be? Cheers to you Alexis and Eric. We love you!

2016-06-15_0026.jpgYep! That’s right… the guests and the groom all got to enjoy some late night Taco Bell! :)
2016-06-15_0027.jpgI even got to steal some time on the dance floor with Alexis and my handsome hubby!
2016-06-15_0028.jpgAnd, I’ll tell you what, the ladies at Sweetface Events sure did an amazing job!


Venue: Oxon Hill Manor

Wedding Planning and Coordination: Sweetface Events

DJ: Derek Romanoff

Catering: Lebanese Taverna

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  1. Lee Miller says: Reply

    What a lovely story about my niece and her darling! It is genetics that you ran into with her.. The generous nature to share is definitely a family trait. Her grandfather Carl and Grandmother Dorothy were the same type of people. No friend or even stranger was ever left in need if it was at all possible to help. Ask Harris! And your photos are stunning!

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