A Ferraioli Tale at Chateau Hathorn

ferraioli tale

It had been threatening rain for the past week, but when Sunday rolled around all the clouds cleared out to make way for Chris and Jessie’s wedding. The sun beat proudly down, a perfect start to a day full of celebrating.

Friends and family from Denmark, California, Georgia and the far off lands of New Jersey and Maryland emerged for the festivities at Chateau Hathorn. The decor was elegant and sweet with beakers instead of vases representing Chris’s studies in nuclear chemistry and stacks of vintage books as the table centerpieces to represent Jessie’s love of literature and work for Random House. The venue did not disappoint with a charming interior set on a beautiful landscape. Jessie’s father escorted her across the brick laden bridge and down the aisle to the gazebo where Chris was waiting for her. There they became husband and wife. A glass was stomped, toasts were made, and the whole party danced and laughed into the tiny hours of the night. It was my honor and priviledge to be there through it all, carefully watching for the moments they get to keep forever.

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Chateau Hathorn


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Lovely Bride


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Make Ya Beautiful by Sadie

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