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  • The Bridal Portrait


    I could tell you the story behind each of these photos. I could tell you about the couple. Who they are. What they love. How they met and even where they are now. I could try to explain to you some quirky nuances that have bound them so close that no one else will understand […]

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  • Project Ten- April


    Well, here we are, 1/4 of the way through 2017. Can you believe it? Already? Thankfully, this past month has been filled with flowers, quality time with friends and family, and most recently, late afternoon walks in the warm sun. This week, we are closing on our first house. It has been a bumpy ride […]

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  • Project Ten- February


    This is my second Project Ten post and it is a particularly special one for me because TODAY IS KEALY’S FIRST BIRTHDAY!! She, of course, is prominently featured in this post but more than that she has come into my world and just lit it up with her sense of humor, curiosity, dance moves, sweet […]